About Us

The Greenville Public library has proudly served the Darke County area since 1903, providing a variety of materials in many different formats. We strive to make these materials available to all library patrons on an equal basis. The library promotes the use of new technology and provides great opportunities for the public to access informational and entertaining materials.

The library utilizes an advanced software system to maintain, monitor and report circulation statistics, overdue notices, billings and balances, user registration records, and inventory control.

Free access to information found in a variety of formats is essential to the library's mission, but there are limits to what the library can provide free of charge from public funds. Fees are charged to recoup the cost associated with providing alternative, enhanced, or specific services beyond traditional free library services. These are services which tend to benefit one user at the exclusion of others, or which prevent the reuse of the information or material provided. Non–traditional services are defined as laminating, meeting room use, copies of microfiche and microfilm, photocopies, and public computer printing use. Fees are not established solely on the basis of format or vehicle for presentation of information.

Cost recovery fees are based on any or all of the following: average staff time associated with the service, cost of materials consumed, and overhead costs. The following services are charged the stated fee:

General Fees

Fax (Send) Free
Fax (Receive) Free
Microfilm copy Free
Replacement Library Card $1.00
Missing Item Restock $2.00
Damaged Case $1.00

Photo Copier Fees

8.5 x 11 B&W/Color Free
8.5 x 14 B&W/Color Free
11 x 17 B&W/Color Free
Scan to USB/Email Free

Laminating Fees

22" x 12" $.50 per ft.
Card Size $1.00 per card
8.5" x 11" $1.00 per sheet

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